The Dog that Didn’t Bark

March 30: 2020: The sheer amount of information about the Wuhan Coronavirus boggles the mind, ranging from the heartbreaking impact on an Arizona couple (32 million hits on Google!) to overviews of the exponential growth of the number of cases in the world (Worldometers). And a lot of it pushes existing narratives. If you’re Neil Young, it reinforces your belief in the evil and/or incompetence of Donald Trump. If you’re a feminist, it reinforces the injustices that women face everywhere (link). I haven’t bothered to look, but I am certain that there are articles bemoaning the disproportionate suffering of the transgender community. Continue reading The Dog that Didn’t Bark

Crisis? Or Opportunity?

March 26, 2020: What does the Canadian government really believe in its heart of hearts?

  1. That the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic is the defining crisis of the early 21st century, and it is only by coming together as a community that we will survive these trials, or
  2. It’s a crisis sure, but more importantly it’s a great opportunity to move other agendas forward, in keeping with the Liberal philosophy of never letting a crisis go to waste.

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Wuhan Coronavirus #1

Most of the current news, whether it be from bloggers, mainstream media (print and online), or twitter, is about the Wuhan Coronavirus. And here I am as well :-). It certainly is a target-rich environment; there are countless opportunities for outrage. For example, Canada is still open to illegal immigrants, via Roxham Road (link), but it has closed the border to non-essential Canadians and Americans. I’d love to hear the rationale for that! But I’ll let Twitter handle the outrage.

In this post I want to talk about the Canadian government’s decision to not implement a travel ban in February when it could arguably have done a lot of good.

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Marijuana: PostMortem

Long-time readers with good memories might remember that I received five marijuana seeds from Wendy for Christmas 2018 and I grew them over the summer of 2019. I had provided a couple of status updates in previous posts: see Cannabis in Canada on May 3rd and Time Lapse Photography on July 19th. But the project is pretty much done and it’s time to postmortem. Continue reading Marijuana: PostMortem

The Foreseeable Future . . .

I decided to take a short break after my 100th blog post was uploaded on August 30, 2019 (My Centennial!). After all I had posted 100 articles (every Friday before 11:00 AM), which I found particularly gratifying because perseverance isn’t one my strengths. Unfortunately that short break turned into an interlude, which morphed into a sabbatical, which was edging dangerously close to a retirement. :-(.

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