Just Keep the Lights on!

I recently read the article To Stay Sane in an Age of Broken Politics, Admit What You Don’t Know (link) in Quillette. I liked the comments more than the article but it had an interesting categorization of political parties:

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I’m not a fan of poetry :-(

I blame my Grade Eleven English teacher; we never saw eye to eye on the subject. I liked the prose section well enough but the poetry section baffled me, largely because her position was that the best prose was clear and understandable but the best poetry was opaque and confusing (I may be paraphrasing . . . 🙂 ). Despite repeated questioning on my part, she never explained the inconsistency. Continue reading I’m not a fan of poetry 😦

Temperature Differences . . .

. . . between my backyard and the Ottawa International Airport official weather station.

For years I have used Environment Canada’s website (link) to check my local temperature using the station at the airport as a proxy and almost every time I did, I wondered if I should bother. How relevant could it be? After all, it’s more than 10 kilometers away with half of Ottawa between us. Continue reading Temperature Differences . . .

Too many scientists . . .

. . . and not enough science?

I grew up reading the science fiction of Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke, and absorbed the subtext of most of their work: science is the noblest profession, it has saved mankind in the past, and it will do so in the future. In light of that belief, a couple of recent scientific controversies have surprised me: Continue reading Too many scientists . . .