My Centennial!

I published my first blog post on October 5, 2017 (Darwinism in my Sideyard!) and here I am 100 episodes later, still posting! But I’m losing interest 😦 Continue reading My Centennial!

Plant Identification . . .

. . . is harder than it looks. In a previous blog post (Medley #3) I shared my concern about the possibility of an interloper in the Darwinian cage-match playing out in my sideyard; I had suspected that garlic mustard was impersonating the common blue violet, and that I would look into it upon my return from Vancouver. Continue reading Plant Identification . . .

Rouladen meets Ricer!

Years ago, the father of a friend of mine sent me his recipe for rouladen. I loved it but only made it a couple of times because the recipe called for drained green relish and there was no easy way to drain the relish; my friend’s father put it into a pillowcase and wrung it out by hand. Seriously! It was messy and inefficient but we couldn’t think of a better solution. And so the recipe languished. Continue reading Rouladen meets Ricer!

Canadian Values #2

Pro-choice activists have a catchy phrase “My Body My Choice”, shorthand for the argument that the decision to have an abortion is a private matter.  More akin to choosing a tattoo than choosing which side of the road to drive on. They believe that no one else, especially men, have the right to participate because they have no skin in the game; no one else suffers the consequences of that decision and thus they should just keep quiet. Continue reading Canadian Values #2