Podcasts are Gr-r-eat!!!

Just like Tony the Tiger said they would be! 🙂

I have known about them for years; I used them to learn French, but my interest waned when I became officially bilingual :-(.

My interest waxed recently, triggered by my goal of cycling 1000 kilometers this summer (see In the spring). For some reason I was reluctant to do the kilometrage and didn’t understand why until I realized that cycling by myself was boring. From there it was a small step to another realization, that podcasts were the answer. Continue reading Podcasts are Gr-r-eat!!!


The Globe and Mail isn’t happy . . .

. . . that Doug Ford will be the next Premier of Ontario.

For years I have had the impression that the Globe and Mail leans to the left. If challenged I couldn’t have supported that position. Until now. Last Saturday (June 9 2018) I was reading the Globe and Mail at the local library, and was struck by the unrelenting anti-Ford bias in its pages. So much so that I spent $5.25 at the local pharmacy to purchase Saturday’s edition. No price is too much to pay for the raw material for a blog article!

Continue reading The Globe and Mail isn’t happy . . .

Update: Sump Monitoring

On February 2, 2018 I posted The Internet of Things is here . . . , an article about my initial experience with IoT where I described my plan to monitor the water level in my sump and prevent a repeat of the almost catastrophic flooding of 2016.

120 days (and 151,645 measurements) later, the sump is dry and it’s time to take stock. Continue reading Update: Sump Monitoring