Time Lapse Photography

I’ve always been interested in time lapse photography but the logistics were always too daunting: equipment that was too expensive, incomprehensible file formats, no wireless transfer of files . . . Continue reading Time Lapse Photography


Apologies Redux

On September 14, 2018, in Acknowledgements . . ., I railed against Justin Trudeau’s hobby of apologizing at the drop of a hat for instances of perceived injustices done over the last couple of hundred years, making the point that apologies were inappropriate and that it would instead be better to cast them as acknowledgements. Continue reading Apologies Redux

Update #2: Darwinism in my Sideyard!

In October 2017, I wrote in Darwinism in my Sideyard! about an experiment where I had planted several different ground covers (specifically creeping thyme, lily of the valley, common blue violet, and creeping sedum) in the same area and were letting them duke it out; let the best DNA win! Continue reading Update #2: Darwinism in my Sideyard!

One million species at risk of extinction!

And the mainstream media, in their role of bringing important issues to the public’s attention, is all over this:

Continue reading One million species at risk of extinction!