Success! 165 pounds!

I have been interested in my weight since 2007 when I suddenly realized that I weighed 210 pounds. I didn’t feel overweight, but the medical establishment disagreed, my Body Mass Index (BMI) was 28.8 (link); I was twelve pounds away from obesity! Clearly something had to be done. I briefly considered denial (after all I have big bones) but decided that would be my Plan B.

I set a goal of 165 pounds; that was my weight when I graduated high school. Over the course of the next six months I reached 172 pounds and stayed there for a couple of months, when I dropped to 167 and stayed there.

Observation: It was easier than I expected; I walked home from work and ate less starch.

The remaining two pounds were stubborn (maybe it’s another example of the Pareto Principle). At some point I abandoned my efforts and moved on to other things, but there was always a nagging feeling that I had left a project unfinished.

On February 12 2018 I decided to try again using the same approach as in 2007; more walking and less starch.

Spoiler: Mission accomplished on April 13 2018!

Following is the chart that records my daily weight from February 13 2018 until May 3 2018. The light grey line is a record of the actual measurements. The black line is the median of the most recent seven measurements, which I arbitrarily defined to be my weight for that day.

Observation: My weight can vary by over five pounds in a single day!

WeightCurveMedian2Given that my lifestyle was pretty constant throughout the whole project, I was surprised to see three distinct regions in the chart: a stable period from February 13 until about April 7 when my weight was relatively constant at ~167 pounds, a transition period from April 8 until about April 21 when I was clearly losing weight, another stable period from April 22 until the present when my weight was relatively constant at ~164 pounds.

Speculating mildly:

  • I have at least three equilibrium weights ( 172 pounds, 167 pounds, 164 pounds) and my body’s natural inclination is to stay at those weights.
  • A lifestyle change does not cause a gradual weight loss as I adapt to a different intake/expenditure regime . Instead, it seems that I stay at one equilibrium weight until a tipping point is reached, at which time I quickly drop to the next lower equilibrium weight. Weight loss for me is a set of steps, not a gradual, continuous decrease.
  • It is difficult to stay between equilibrium weights; my body’s preference is for one or the other.

Interesting? Yes. Useful? Not sure. Next steps? I really should increase my caloric intake to see if the reverse happens. But I won’t. Because in this case, the process is not as important as the outcome. 165!!!


3 thoughts on “Success! 165 pounds!”

  1. Sounds a little on the light side. My personal equilibrium weights are seasonal (activity related) and dependant on the presence of President’s Choice Chocolate Brissure ice cream. No x and y axis required to figure that one out.


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