Cannabis in Canada

One of the gifts that I received for Christmas was an envelope labelled White Widow Feminized. Five seeds of primo Canadian government-approved Cannabis! (I can’t help but think that there’s an oxymoron in there somewhere! 🙂 ). A great gift (Thanks Wendy!) but one that is potentially fraught with peril! Continue reading Cannabis in Canada


Update: Darwinism in my Sideyard!

It’s been almost exactly a year since I posted an article about the Darwinist experiment in my sideyard (Darwinism in my Sideyard!). I had planted several different kinds of ground cover (Thyme, Violet, Sedum, and Lily-of-the-valley) to see which one would crowd out the others and achieve uncontested domination over the entire area. Continue reading Update: Darwinism in my Sideyard!

Update: Sump Monitoring

On February 2, 2018 I posted The Internet of Things is here . . . , an article about my initial experience with IoT where I described my plan to monitor the water level in my sump and prevent a repeat of the almost catastrophic flooding of 2016.

120 days (and 151,645 measurements) later, the sump is dry and it’s time to take stock. Continue reading Update: Sump Monitoring

In the spring . . .

. . . a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of . . . projects! (Lord Tennyson rocks!)

Life is good; the sump is dry, bathroom renovations are almost complete, my son has a summer job, my daughter’s school concert was amazing (they performed Hallelujah!). As well, Ottawa weather has been awesome for the last couple of weeks; I feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon; a bear from hibernation, the provincial PC party from the political wilderness. Continue reading In the spring . . .