Jody Wilson-RayBould and SNC-Lavalin

Rough seas ahead for the Liberal Party of Canada. Or maybe not.

Short Version #1: The Prime Minister’s Office illegally pressured the Justice Department to not charge SNC-Lavalin with corruption.

Short Version #2: No they didn’t.
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Ottawa? Vancouver?

I grew up in Vancouver but haven’t lived there in years. I still have family there so I go back every year or so. A consequence of that trip is that I have to listen to my Ottawa friends mocking Vancouver weather; the Go To talking point is that it’s always raining in Vancouver. It’s almost a meme. But I don’t know of anyone who has actually looked into the historical data and compared the weather of the two cities. Until now! Continue reading Ottawa? Vancouver?

Chess in 2018

I played chess when I was a teenager although it would be more accurate to say that I occasionally sat in front of a chessboard and pushed pieces around. I knew the moves and a couple of strategic sayings (castle as soon as possible, don’t move the queen too early, move each piece only once during the opening . . .) but I never had a sense of the game. Continue reading Chess in 2018

Studies show . . .

When I was in grad school, any argument whose support included the phrase ‘Studies show …’ was immediately suspect. That phrase was a red flag, indicating either that the speaker was trying to pass off weak data as stronger than it actually was or he hadn’t done his research and was trying to throw a fast one by his audience. Continue reading Studies show . . .

Crunching the numbers of the 2018 Ontario Election

I have always been interested in numbers, and the numbers generated by elections in particular. I have written about the numbers of the 2015 Canadian federal election (link), the 1984 Canadian federal election (link), and now the 2018 Ontario election. I have already written briefly about 2018 Ontario election, where I used the Globe and Mail’s coverage of it as evidence that the Globe and Mail is a left-leaning rag (link).

Spoiler: Votes matter. The difference between a majority and a minority status for the Progressive Conservatives was only 19,000 votes. The Liberals missed official party status by 81 votes. Continue reading Crunching the numbers of the 2018 Ontario Election