Medley #2

I didn’t come across anything this week that I felt a particularly burning desire to comment on, so it’s a good opportunity to rummage through the closet of minor topics that I have accumulated: the New Yorker Caption contest, cervical burnout, an update on the 2018 World Chess Championship, and transgender signs in Ottawa. Continue reading Medley #2


Half a Basketball Score . . .

and the Greenland ice-sheet . . . are connected by bad reporting in the MSM!

Bad reporting happens in the MSM more often than I like. Normally I ignore it, but there are straws and there are camels, and every once in while the quantity of one exceeds the carrying capacity of the other. Continue reading Half a Basketball Score . . .

Love Actually

Is it just me, or has social justice activism in the United States recently turned its extremism up to eleven? Take just one example, on the subject of differences between men and women:

  • Google fires James Damore for pointing out that there are biological differences between men and women (link) that could explain the lack of female programmers in the industry.
  • Twitter bans a user for asserting that men aren’t women (link).
  • Teenage males are allowed to compete in the female events at Connecticut track meets, as long as they self-identify as female (link).

Continue reading Love Actually

Studies show . . .

When I was in grad school, any argument whose support included the phrase ‘Studies show …’ was immediately suspect. That phrase was a red flag, indicating either that the speaker was trying to pass off weak data as stronger than it actually was or he hadn’t done his research and was trying to throw a fast one by his audience. Continue reading Studies show . . .

Maxime Bernier! WTF?

I have been wondering recently about the lack of longterm strategizing by senior politicians in Canada. Sure they could all be reincarnations of Sun Tzu or Machiavelli in the back rooms but there is no public evidence of it; they seem unaware that a longterm perspective even exists. Shouldn’t it be obvious to opposition parties that, barring a massive screwup, parties generally stay in power for at least two terms? And shouldn’t they strategize accordingly? Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are probably going to win in 2019. It isn’t a lock, but they haven’t screwed up badly enough to warrant being kicked out after a single term. Shouldn’t the Conservatives have a plan for if that happens? To increase the odds that they will be victorious in 2023? Continue reading Maxime Bernier! WTF?