Framing the Debate #2

I had just returned from the passport office after having renewed my passport and I was in an uncommonly good mood: the application took seventeen minutes, start to finish!!! Kudos to the staff at the Canadian Passport Office at 885 Meadowlands Drive!

But it didn’t last, because I made the mistake of reading Andrew MacDougall’s article Conservatives need to be ultra-mindful of the company they keep, especially online on the CBC website, and it ticked me off. Continue reading Framing the Debate #2


Podcasts are Gr-r-eat!!!

Just like Tony the Tiger said they would be! 🙂

I have known about them for years; I used them to learn French, but my interest waned when I became officially bilingual :-(.

My interest waxed recently, triggered by my goal of cycling 1000 kilometers this summer (see In the spring). For some reason I was reluctant to do the kilometrage and didn’t understand why until I realized that cycling by myself was boring. From there it was a small step to another realization, that podcasts were the answer. Continue reading Podcasts are Gr-r-eat!!!

How many Internets are there?

We recently took on the task of completely remodeling our bathroom:

  • repainting the ceiling and walls,
  • replacing the tiles, the sink/vanity, the toilet, the flooring,
  • redoing some of the plumbing and electrical work,
  • we’re leaving the bath tub alone, for now.

It’s not that ambitious except for the tiling, I’ve never done it. As always my first step is YouTube. It’s fantastic! There are thousands of videos on how to tile a bathroom. As a complete rookie I don’t know which are good, bad or ugly. But it doesn’t matter. Watch enough of them and the good stuff begins to emerge.

Digression: The tiling is going well and it’s 99% thanks to YouTube, and Home Depot.

Which led me indirectly to the question: how many sub-internets are there, actually? Just off the top of my head: Continue reading How many Internets are there?

Fundamental Canadian Values?

The subject of Canadian values fascinates me. At first glance it seems like a simple topic, but even the basics confuse me:

  • How do we collectively agree on a set of Canadian values? Is it a value shared by 100% of Canadians? (Good luck with that!). Perhaps only 50% plus one is sufficient? After all, that’s all that is needed for Quebec to separate.
  • Should Canadian values be those that uniquely identify us? Probably not. There are 192 other countries out there, and the pickings would be pretty slim if we only considered their leavings. On the other hand, why do we insist on calling them Canadian values?

Leaving those aside, maybe there are easier questions: Continue reading Fundamental Canadian Values?

Why do most #Movements fail?

I don’t follow the news a lot although I subscribe to the Ottawa Citizen (I’m not sure why; maybe I enjoy being outraged at its shoddy reporting and poorly thought out editorials). But even I have heard about some of the social justice movements that have come (and mostly gone) in the last decade. #Occupy, #IdleNoMore, #BlackLivesMatter, and #MeToo come to mind. Continue reading Why do most #Movements fail?