Bad Policy . . .

. . . and its consequences.

During my surfing over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that the number of bad policies implemented by duly-elected authorities seems to be on the rise. From an enormous buffet of possible choices: Continue reading Bad Policy . . .


Maxime Bernier! WTF?

I have been wondering recently about the lack of longterm strategizing by senior politicians in Canada. Sure they could all be reincarnations of Sun Tzu or Machiavelli in the back rooms but there is no public evidence of it; they seem unaware that a longterm perspective even exists. Shouldn’t it be obvious to opposition parties that, barring a massive screwup, parties generally stay in power for at least two terms? And shouldn’t they strategize accordingly? Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are probably going to win in 2019. It isn’t a lock, but they haven’t screwed up badly enough to warrant being kicked out after a single term. Shouldn’t the Conservatives have a plan for if that happens? To increase the odds that they will be victorious in 2023? Continue reading Maxime Bernier! WTF?

Framing the Debate #2

I had just returned from the passport office after having renewed my passport and I was in an uncommonly good mood: the application took seventeen minutes, start to finish!!! Kudos to the staff at the Canadian Passport Office at 885 Meadowlands Drive!

But it didn’t last, because I made the mistake of reading Andrew MacDougall’s article Conservatives need to be ultra-mindful of the company they keep, especially online on the CBC website, and it ticked me off. Continue reading Framing the Debate #2

Podcasts are Gr-r-eat!!!

Just like Tony the Tiger said they would be! 🙂

I have known about them for years; I used them to learn French, but my interest waned when I became officially bilingual :-(.

My interest waxed recently, triggered by my goal of cycling 1000 kilometers this summer (see In the spring). For some reason I was reluctant to do the kilometrage and didn’t understand why until I realized that cycling by myself was boring. From there it was a small step to another realization, that podcasts were the answer. Continue reading Podcasts are Gr-r-eat!!!