Public Access Defibrillators

Every time I go to the Rosemount Library I pass by the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) that is mounted on the wall in the stairwell; the idea being that if someone in the library suffers a cardiac arrest a bystander would call 911, remember the AED, grab it, apply the electrodes correctly,  press the start button and restart the victim’s heart. All before the ambulance arrives. Continue reading Public Access Defibrillators


Diversity? Hah!

I had planned to write a post about the City of Ottawa’s Public Access Defibrillation Program until I read this article in the March 21 2019 Ottawa Citizen about the upcoming season of the Great Canadian Theatre Company. That article changed my plans because of the unkept promise in its first sentence that the upcoming season of the GCTC will “wave the flag for diversity more proudly than ever, . . .” . Continue reading Diversity? Hah!

Experiencing Things Differently

There have really only been two major scandals that have touched Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directly: allegations of inappropriate groping in Creston in 2000, and allegations of inappropriate pressure on the Attorney-General in 2018. Not bad for a Prime Minister that has been in power for three and a half years! Unfortunately he uses the same defence in each case, and it is spectacularly unconvincing.  Continue reading Experiencing Things Differently

Life is Unfair . . .

.  .  .  and not just occasionally. It is relentlessly, constantly, egregiously unfair! For everyone! Each of us is living in our own private hell of unfairness!

Personal example: I live on a residential street in Ottawa about 200 meters from the nearest bus stop. There are other people who live on the same street but they only live 20 meters from that same bus stop. We each pay the same amount for a bus ticket. Yet I am forced to walk ten times as far to use the system! And that’s not fair!

Digression: Micro-unfairness is easy!

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Jody Wilson-RayBould and SNC-Lavalin

Rough seas ahead for the Liberal Party of Canada. Or maybe not.

Short Version #1: The Prime Minister’s Office illegally pressured the Justice Department to not charge SNC-Lavalin with corruption.

Short Version #2: No they didn’t.
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