The Monty Hall Problem

I love statistics problems even though they frustrate me more often they entertain me; perhaps the elation from my rare successes overwhelms the despair from my myriad failures. In any case, the Monty Hall problem is my favourite statistical frustration! Continue reading The Monty Hall Problem



For months now, I have seen comments in the mainstream media about social media backlash: Saint John Pride parade marshall steps down amid backlash, Chick Fil-A expansion into Toronto prompts backlash on social media, Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ faces backlash on social media) but . . . Continue reading Backlash!!

Framing the Debate #2

I had just returned from the passport office after having renewed my passport and I was in an uncommonly good mood: the application took seventeen minutes, start to finish!!! Kudos to the staff at the Canadian Passport Office at 885 Meadowlands Drive!

But it didn’t last, because I made the mistake of reading Andrew MacDougall’s article Conservatives need to be ultra-mindful of the company they keep, especially online on the CBC website, and it ticked me off. Continue reading Framing the Debate #2

Crunching the numbers of the 2018 Ontario Election

I have always been interested in numbers, and the numbers generated by elections in particular. I have written about the numbers of the 2015 Canadian federal election (link), the 1984 Canadian federal election (link), and now the 2018 Ontario election. I have already written briefly about 2018 Ontario election, where I used the Globe and Mail’s coverage of it as evidence that the Globe and Mail is a left-leaning rag (link).

Spoiler: Votes matter. The difference between a majority and a minority status for the Progressive Conservatives was only 19,000 votes. The Liberals missed official party status by 81 votes. Continue reading Crunching the numbers of the 2018 Ontario Election

Podcasts are Gr-r-eat!!!

Just like Tony the Tiger said they would be! 🙂

I have known about them for years; I used them to learn French, but my interest waned when I became officially bilingual :-(.

My interest waxed recently, triggered by my goal of cycling 1000 kilometers this summer (see In the spring). For some reason I was reluctant to do the kilometrage and didn’t understand why until I realized that cycling by myself was boring. From there it was a small step to another realization, that podcasts were the answer. Continue reading Podcasts are Gr-r-eat!!!