Acknowledgements . . .

. . . not apologies!

The recent near-continuous stream of apologies from our government is seriously annoying. Apologies by Canadian governments aren’t anything new but Justin Trudeau has turned it up to eleven. When will it end? Continue reading Acknowledgements . . .


Maxime Bernier! WTF?

I have been wondering recently about the lack of longterm strategizing by senior politicians in Canada. Sure they could all be reincarnations of Sun Tzu or Machiavelli in the back rooms but there is no public evidence of it; they seem unaware that a longterm perspective even exists. Shouldn’t it be obvious to opposition parties that, barring a massive screwup, parties generally stay in power for at least two terms? And shouldn’t they strategize accordingly? Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are probably going to win in 2019. It isn’t a lock, but they haven’t screwed up badly enough to warrant being kicked out after a single term. Shouldn’t the Conservatives have a plan for if that happens? To increase the odds that they will be victorious in 2023? Continue reading Maxime Bernier! WTF?

Inter-Auto Communications

I visited my sister in Vancouver this summer. One Sunday morning, we were in the Grouse Grind parking lot heading back to Vancouver. Another visitor was pulling out of a parking spot and didn’t see my sister’s car. She gave him a blast from her horn, easily three seconds long! I was shocked! My reaction would have been a short friendly beep, less than half a second long that I hope would have translated as “Careful buddy! You clearly didn’t see me“. In my particular dialect of horn-ese, a three second blast would be translated as “Dumbass, you nearly hit me! Learn to drive!“. Continue reading Inter-Auto Communications