Reproductive Rights . . .

. . . have been on my mind recently:

  • The Liberal Party weirdly insists that applicants for Canada Summer Jobs grants must attest that they support reproductive rights (link).
  • I happened to be downtown on the second Thursday of this month and saw the annual pro-life march.

Digression: The protest march was all that I thought it should be; thousands of people, diverse crowd, focused on one issue. Not like the Islamophobia protest that I attended a couple of months ago (Rally Against Islamophobia).

And since I know nothing about reproductive rights, I thought that I should look into it. Continue reading Reproductive Rights . . .


Charitable Interpretation

I came across the term “Charitable Interpretation” the other day. It recommends that, when critiquing someone else’s statement, do so “in the most rational way possible and, in the case of any argument, considering its best, strongest possible interpretation”. It caused a moment of chagrin because I am often uncharitable (although not to the extent of Cathy Newman (link) during her interview of Jordan Peterson). Continue reading Charitable Interpretation

Success! 165 pounds!

I have been interested in my weight since 2007 when I suddenly realized that I weighed 210 pounds. I didn’t feel overweight, but the medical establishment disagreed, my Body Mass Index (BMI) was 28.8 (link); I was twelve pounds away from obesity! Clearly something had to be done. I briefly considered denial (after all I have big bones) but decided that would be my Plan B. Continue reading Success! 165 pounds!

How many Internets are there?

We recently took on the task of completely remodeling our bathroom:

  • repainting the ceiling and walls,
  • replacing the tiles, the sink/vanity, the toilet, the flooring,
  • redoing some of the plumbing and electrical work,
  • we’re leaving the bath tub alone, for now.

It’s not that ambitious except for the tiling, I’ve never done it. As always my first step is YouTube. It’s fantastic! There are thousands of videos on how to tile a bathroom. As a complete rookie I don’t know which are good, bad or ugly. But it doesn’t matter. Watch enough of them and the good stuff begins to emerge.

Digression: The tiling is going well and it’s 99% thanks to YouTube, and Home Depot.

Which led me indirectly to the question: how many sub-internets are there, actually? Just off the top of my head: Continue reading How many Internets are there?

The Gender Pay Gap . . .

. . . is another example of the Woman as Victim narrative that so incensed me about the #MeToo movement (link).

My recent post on Jordan Peterson (link) linked to a video (link) where he agreed that there was a pay gap between men and women, but it was the result of individual choices and not because of systemic discrimination. There was also a recent study about the pay differences between male and female Uber drivers (link: Thanks Gerry!) that found a 7% difference but concluded that it was based on differences in men’s and women’s behaviour. On the other hand, the recent issue of Macleans (link) decried the fact that women earn 26% less than men and urged that Something Be Done! Continue reading The Gender Pay Gap . . .

Economics . . .

. . . has always intrigued me even though I took a devastatingly dull senior-level Economics course in university which almost killed all my intellectual curiosity about the subject. But time has passed and the scars have mostly healed, and so when someone recommended the book Popular Economics by John Tamny , I thought it might be worthwhile to give it another shot. I really enjoyed it! Here is a link to a good review. It resonated with me because its key message aligned with my view of the world, that governments produces little of value and any money that they collect would have had a more beneficial effect on society if it had been left in the hands of the people that actually earned it. Continue reading Economics . . .