Austria to Croatia

On September 3rd we flew to Europe for my first ever cycling vacation. In thirteen days, six of us cycled ~700 kilometers from Salzburg in Austria to Pula in Croatia with some minor help fromĀ RideWithGPS. An overview is available here (AustriaToCroatia). Continue reading Austria to Croatia


In the spring . . .

. . . a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of . . . projects! (Lord Tennyson rocks!)

Life is good; the sump is dry, bathroom renovations are almost complete, my son has a summer job, my daughter’s school concert was amazing (they performed Hallelujah!). As well, Ottawa weather has been awesome for the last couple of weeks; I feel like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon; a bear from hibernation, the provincial PC party from the political wilderness. Continue reading In the spring . . .